Monday, 2 April 2012

Feast Menu for Drachenwald's Spring Crown Tourney

I'm trying to remember to track my feast menus, so I have a reference to use for later. Here's the menu from the feast I cooked this last weekend, for Drachenwald's Spring Crown event. I'll also try to post where I got the recipes, if possible, or will post the specific recipes in separate posts.

Bread (some was purchased, some was homemade herb bread
Herbed Cheese Spread
A selection of fresh fruit

First Remove
 Nettle Soup
Cucumbers and Sour Cream
Salad for Fish Days
Duck in Wine Sauce
Fruit & Salmon Pie
Frumenty with Almond Milk

Second Remove
Stuffed Mushrooms
Lamb studded with Pancetta (from "The Medieval Kitchen")
Green Sauce (from "The Medieval Kitchen")
Little Leaves & Fennel (from "The Medieval Kitchen")
Broccoli with Orange (made with purple-sprouting broccoli)
Barley Pilaf

 Strawberry Tart
Rose-sugared almonds

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